Discussion Question of the Day

This is where I ask a new question about The Grapes of Wrath daily. Sometimes I might give my own answer after the question but you can post your thoughts on the question in the Guestbook.

March 12 - Was the death of Rose of Sharon's child positive or negative?

In my opinion, the death of Rose of Sharon’s child was a positive thing for the Joad family. Of course I was not happy when the child was stillborn but I realized that this was a positive thing. If the child would have lived that would be another mouth the Joad’s would have had to of fed. It was also unlikely that the baby would survive in the long run even if it was born because of the families lack of food so it was best for her not to get attached to it while it was living. This baby was also a reminder of her husband, Connie, who left her and having the child would always make her remember him and feel sorry and upset.

March 11 - What was the significance of Uncle John's character?

March 10 - Who was the main character of The Grapes of Wrath?

March 9 - Should Tom have stayed with his family or left after Ruthie had told on him?